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Help / Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our playing our games and using our site. If you are having problems with Shockwave games or Flash games search for the answer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Games are not loading...

A: To run the games, you must have the Flash Player or Shockwave Player plugin. If you do not have this plugin, or a game is not appearing correctly, you should install the Flash Plugin or Shockwave Plugin to your browser. If your plugins is current and the games are still not working, make sure you do not have a firewall or spyware programming blocking the site. Also try using another browser such as Firefox, Safari, or IE. We recommended Google Chrome for the best gaming experience.

Q: I can not vote in game...

A: Each game can be voted on once by a user. You can click the "LIKE" or "DISLIKE" buttons for voting. Every vote on the game counts towards the total average of the game. If you're seeing a message that your browser's cookie functionality is turned off, it's possible that you don't have cookies enabled in your browser. Please see here, how to enable your cookies. Still receiving this error message? Please see here how to clear your cache and delete your cookies.

Q: Why do some games load faster than others?

A: Games are all different sizes, which means that it may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to load a game. It also depends on the time of day and your internet connection speed.

Q: I found a bug in one of the games, what should I do?

A: Please email us with game name to email[at] We love reading our users comments, and feedbacks!

Q: I would like a specific game on the site that I played on another site, but it's not here. How can I request it?

A: Please email us with game name to email[at] If we get enough requests, we'll try to get game.

Q: Did you ask permission to have all these games?

A: We do not steal from Flash developers, because we feel like they should get the proper credit and dignity to have their work on the sites they want. We will usually ask developers to upload their own content, or have arranged with other Flash websites to host their content.

Q: Can I download the Flash files for my own website?

A: Sure you can! All the games are available.

Q: What are the share links?

A: Share links for social networking or bookmarking sites as well. If you enjoyed a game you can share with your friends use with these links!

If you have a any question, please let us know. Contact: email[at]

Last updated 11 January 2012.